5 Signs You Need a New Water Heater

You could be amazed at how easy it is to be unaware of your water heater’s age, or how hard it can be to spot a problem before it results in damage.

There are several signs that you can leverage to keep an eye on the condition of your water heater. You’ll want to be alert for them to keep your equipment in the finest state.

Here are five likely signs it may be time to replace your water heater in Champaign.

1. It’s Starting to Demonstrate Its Age

Just like the other essential appliances inside your residence, your water heater has a defined lifetime. When it approaches the end, it will run much less efficiently and might be more expensive to fix than getting a new one.

The usual water heater life expectancy is about six to eight years. You won’t want your water heater to be around for past 10 years, as this might result in costly damage in your residence if it leaks.

It’s always possible for your water heater to experience problems before this time, so be attentive to anything that appears strange.

2. Rust is Starting to Form

Rust is often an indication your water heater needs to be checked. Rust is corrosive and could rapidly spread to other pieces. This can cause a leak or other problems. If you notice a little on the tank or pipes, call a licensed professional.

3. There’s No More Heated Water

If your water heater is straining to heat water, that’s an obvious sign an upgrade is necessary. Your heater may not be able to create any hot water because of sediment accumulation. The tank capacity could also be insufficient for the amount of water your household uses.

This is particularly true for larger houses. The faster you deplete hot water, the more important it is to think about installing a new model.

4. You’re Hearing Strange Noises

Your water heater makes a little noise. If you start to notice thumping noises coming from the tank on a routine basis, that could mean a component isn’t secure.

Strange sounds might also suggest there’s sediment piling up on the tank’s base. Excessive buildup may force your water heater to work harder and increase your utility bills as a result.

Listen carefully if you start to hear any odd noises, and give our team a call right away.

5. Unexpected Leaks

If you discover puddles or dark areas near your water heater, it’s a wise time to consider buying a new unit as soon as possible.

These leaks are typically caused by small cracks in the tank itself. The longer you disregard it, the more likely you’ll run into a crisis when the tank malfunctions. (You can stop a messy tank failure later on by upgrading to a tankless water heater, which doesn’t store water.)

Water damage is expensive to repair and a trouble you shouldn’t have to worry about.

If your water heater is , or in dire need of pro repairs, call the Chief/Bauer Service Experts technicians at 217-689-2469. You can also request an appointment by contacting us online.

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