Why You Should Have Duct Cleaning Done in Your Home

October 28, 2015

Keeping your home clean can be a struggle sometimes. Whether it’s keeping it clean for your own sake or cleaning up before guests come, cleanliness is important for various health reasons. The same can be said for having duct cleaning done. After all, duct systems come in contact with all of the air that gets sent in to our homes, possibly leaving you with less than clean air if they aren’t appropriately, and routinely, cleaned.

The great thing about duct cleaning is that it’s a simple task to take on and is almost a no-brainer to add on to your next heating and cooling check up.

Here’s the down and dirty about duct systems to help make it a little more friendly to understand:

  • Almost all of the air in your home comes through the ducts as part of your heating and cooling system. Based on the sheer volume of air those ducts deal with, they can get dirty with microbes, mildew and bacteria, as well as dust and dirt.

  • Duct cleaning includes the cleaning of a host of system components, from the air supply and return air ducts, to the registers, grilles and diffusers. It cares for the entire duct system.

  • Over time, it may become necessary to also have duct sealing done, as ductwork can separate and cause air leaks. Those air leaks could lead to a great deal of money wasted because your system is having to work harder to heat and cool attics and interior walls. Plus, those gaps can also lead to impurities being sent through your home.

Like heating and cooling, we’re pros at duct cleaning. Feel free to give us a call at 217-689-2469 or schedule an appointment with us online to learn about our duct cleaning service and how it can help you breathe a little easier in Champaign.

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