Restoring a Furnace That Wont Stay Lit

A faulty furnace is exhausting to handle. There are multiple reasons this might happen, but one of the most common is something wrong with the burners or related parts.

Newer systems don’t depend on pilot lights to keep the furnace lit. Instead, they use electronic ignition. If this ignition stops working correctly, the burners can’t perform like they do normally.

When your gas furnace is running correctly, here’s how it should operate:

  • The thermostat directs your furnace to activate.
  • Your furnace’s draft inducer fan starts to draw fresh air through your furnace.
  • The gas valve opens to move gas into the pilot burner.
  • An electronic spark lights the pilot light.
  • The flame sensor tells your furnace that the pilot is burning.
  • The gas valve directs gas to the primary burners, which are lit by the pilot light.
  • Your furnace then distributes warm air into your home via ductwork.

If something goes wrong during this procedure, your furnace will turn off for safety concerns. Or it might deactivate a few minutes into heating because it’s too warm.

A number of of these malfunctions can be repaired on their own, but others are best handled by professional help. When you need the fastest furnace repair in Champaign, reach out to our heating Experts at 217-689-2469. We service all brands and our service is ensured by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.*

Here are a few of the most common reasons why your furnace isn’t staying lit and what to do moving forward.

1. Faulty Flame Sensor

Your furnace’s flame sensor is a safety component that notifies your furnace when gas is ignited. If the sensor is dirty or faulty, it may work erratically or not at all. Even if the sensor is operating normally, incorrect positioning leaves it unable to sense the flame at all. While you can try troubleshooting and cleaning this sensor right away, trusting a pro like Chief/Bauer Service Experts will guarantee the problem is resolved swiftly and correctly.

2. Furnace is Too Hot

Your furnace uses built-in safety functions that shut it off if it gets too hot. One of the most frequent causes is a filthy filter. We recommend checking your air filter each month. If you can’t see light through it, swap it out.

3. Thermostat Malfunction

Your thermostat tells your furnace when it should heat your house. When it’s not functioning properly, your furnace will have trouble keeping your residence warm. This can be a battery or electrical malfunction, depending on what type of thermostat you have. We recommend referring to your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for useful troubleshooting procedures. If you still can’t get yours working, contact our Experts at 217-689-2469. We’ll uncover the cause right away and can replace your thermostat, if necessary.

A number of these issues, such as a dirty flame sensor or an overheated furnace, are a result of a lack of proper furnace maintenance. It’s extremely helpful to have this service done yearly, because it may help prevent breakdowns, boost your furnace’s energy efficiency and could even make it live longer.

We Have You Covered When It’s Time for Furnace Replacement

With enough time, your furnace won’t work like it used to despite attempts to repair or maintain it. When the time comes, consider Chief/Bauer Service Experts and our expert furnace replacement in Champaign. We offer some of the top furnace brands, like Lennox®, to offer you affordable, energy-efficient heating systems.

When you’re considering replacing your furnace, consider enrolling in our Advantage Program™. Getting a new furnace can be thousands of dollars out of pocket. As an Advantage member, you’ll receive a new furnace for just one small monthly fee. There’s no down payment or installation costs, and you get to pocket any valuable rebates.

What’s even better is that Advantage members don’t pay a penny for repairs** or maintenance. If you have a disaster, you’re protected with 24/7 priority service. You’ll also enjoy discounts, no hidden charges and many other benefits.

Don’t put up with interruptions to your comfort for a moment longer. Give Chief/Bauer Service Experts a call at 217-689-2469 to request an appointment right away. Whether you want repairs or if it’s time for a new furnace, we guarantee your satisfaction.

*Not applicable to the Advantage Program. See your signed Advantage Program agreement for full details and exclusions. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is subject to certain restrictions and limitations as set forth in the applicable Terms and Conditions. **See your signed Advantage Agreement for details.

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